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family: Amaranthaceae

Amaranthus albus tumbleweed amaranth,white tumbleweed,tumble pigweed
Amaranthus blitoides prostrate amaranth,matweed,prostrate pigweed
Amaranthus blitum purple amaranth,livid amaranth,Old World amaranth,slender amaranth
Amaranthus californicus California amaranth,California pigweed
Amaranthus caudatus foxtail amaranth,love-lies-bleeding,tassel flower,kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate,Inca-wheat
Amaranthus cruentus blood amaranth,caterpillar amaranth,red amaranth,African spinach
Amaranthus hybridus smooth amaranth,green amaranth,green pigweed,hybrid amaranth,smooth pigweed
Amaranthus hypochondriacus
Amaranthus palmeri Palmer's amaranth,Palmer's pigweed,carelessweed
Amaranthus powellii green amaranth,Powell's smooth amaranth
Amaranthus pumilus seabeach amaranth,seaside amaranth,coastal amaranth
Amaranthus retroflexus redroot amaranth,redroot pigweed,common amaranth,green amaranth,wild-beet amaranth,rough pigweed
Amaranthus spinosus spiny amaranth,spiny pigweed,thorny amaranth,thorny pigweed
Amaranthus tricolor Joseph's-coat,Chinese spinach,summer poinsettia
Amaranthus tuberculatus roughfruit amaranth,roughfruit waterhemp,tall waterhemp
Amaranthus tuberculatus var. rudis tall roughfruit amaranth,common waterhemp,tall amaranth
Amaranthus tuberculatus var. tuberculatus roughfruit amaranth,roughfruit waterhemp,tall waterhemp

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