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family: Campanulaceae

Lobelia 'Queen Victoria' 'Queen Victoria' hybrid lobelia
Lobelia angulata creeping pratia,lawn lobelia
Lobelia boykinii Boykin's lobelia
Lobelia canbyi Canby's lobelia
Lobelia cardinalis cardinal flower
Lobelia dortmanna water lobelia,Dortmann's lobelia,water gladiole
Lobelia erinus edging lobelia,trailing lobelia
Lobelia inflata inflated tobacco,wild tobacco
Lobelia kalmii Kalm's lobelia,brook lobelia,bog lobelia
Lobelia siphilitica great blue lobelia,blue cardinal flower,great lobelia
Lobelia spicata pale-spike lobelia,spiked lobelia
Lobelia tupa devil's tobacco,giant Chilean lobelia
Lobelia ×speciosa hybrid cardinal flower

ANUCLIM maps and models

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