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family: Dryopteridaceae

Dryopteris affinis scaly male fern,goldenscale male fern,golden male fern
Dryopteris arguta coastal woodfern,coastal shieldfern,marginal woodfern,California woodfern
Dryopteris campyloptera mountain woodfern,eastern spreading woodfern,spreading shieldfern
Dryopteris carthusiana spinulose woodfern,spinulose shieldfern,toothed woodfern,narrow buckler fern
Dryopteris celsa log fern
Dryopteris clintoniana Clinton?s woodfern,Clinton?s shieldfern
Dryopteris cristata crested woodfern,crested shield fern,crested buckler fern,narrow swamp fern
Dryopteris dilatata broad buckler fern,broad woodfern,spreading woodfern
Dryopteris erythrosora autumn fern,Japanese red shield fern
Dryopteris expansa spreading woodfern,northern woodfern,northern buckler fern,spiny woodfern,broad buckler fern
Dryopteris filix-mas male fern,male woodfern,male shieldfern
Dryopteris filix-mas subsp. brittonii Britton's male woodfern,Britton's male fern
Dryopteris filix-mas subsp. filix-mas male fern,male shieldfern,male woodfern
Dryopteris fragrans fragrant woodfern,fragrant cliff fern,fragrant fern
Dryopteris fragrans ×Dryopteris intermedia hybrid woodfern
Dryopteris goldiana Goldie?s woodfern,Goldie?s fern,giant woodfern
Dryopteris intermedia evergreen woodfern,intermediate woodfern,fancy fern,glandular woodfern
Dryopteris marginalis marginal woodfern,leather woodfern,marginal shieldfern
Dryopteris wallichiana Wallich's wood fern,alpine woodfern,Wallich's tall fern
Dryopteris ×algonquinensis Algonquin woodfern
Dryopteris ×benedictii Benedict's woodfern
Dryopteris ×boottii Boott's woodfern,Boott?s shieldfern,glandular swamp fern
Dryopteris ×brathaica Brathay fern
Dryopteris ×burgessii Burgess? woodfern
Dryopteris ×complexa robust male fern
Dryopteris ×dowellii Dowell?s woodfern
Dryopteris ×mickelii Mickel?s woodfern
Dryopteris ×montgomeryi Vermont woodfern
Dryopteris ×neowherryi Wherry?s woodfern
Dryopteris ×pittsfordensis Pittsforden's woodfern
Dryopteris ×remota scaly buckler fern
Dryopteris ×slossoniae Slosson?s woodfern,Miss Slosson?s woodfern
Dryopteris ×triploidea triploid woodfern,fruitful woodfern
Dryopteris ×uliginosa bog woodfern,Braun?s woodfern

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