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family: Campanulaceae

Campanula alaskana Alaska bellflower,Alaska harebell
Campanula americana American bellflower,tall bellflower
Campanula aparinoides marsh harebell,marsh bellflower,bedstraw bellflower
Campanula aurita Yukon bellflower,Alaska harebell
Campanula californica California swamp harebell,swamp harebell
Campanula carpatica tussock bellflower,Carpathian bellflower
Campanula cochleariifolia earleaf bellflower,fairy thimble,spiral bellflower
Campanula garganica Adriatic bellflower,Italian bellflower
Campanula gieseckeana Canada harebell,Canada bellflower,Giesecke's bellflower,Giesecke's harebell
Campanula glomerata Dane's blood,clustered bellflower
Campanula glomerata subsp. glomerata clustered bellflower,Dane's blood
Campanula incurva Evia bellflower,sky blue bells
Campanula lactiflora European bellflower,milky bellflower
Campanula lasiocarpa mountain bellflower,mountain harebell,Alaska bellflower,Alaska harebell
Campanula latifolia giant bellflower,great bellflower
Campanula latifolia subsp. latifolia great bellflower,giant bellflower
Campanula medium Canterbury bellflower,Canterbury bells,cup-and-saucer
Campanula persicifolia peachleaf bellflower,peachbells,willow bellflower,white peachbells
Campanula persicifolia subsp. persicifolia peachleaf bellflower,peachbells,willow bellflower
Campanula portenschlagiana Dalmatian bellflower,wall harebell,Adria bellflower
Campanula poscharskyana trailing bellflower,Serbian bellflower
Campanula punctata spotted bellflower
Campanula rapunculoides creeping bellflower,rampion bellflower,Lygurian bellflower,European bellflower,roving bellflower
Campanula rotundifolia Scottish bluebell,bluebell-of-Scotland
Campanula scouleri Scouler's bellflower,Scouler's harebell,pale bellflower
Campanula takesimana Korean bellflower
Campanula trachelium nettleleaf bellflower,bats-in-the-belfry,throatwort
Campanula trachelium subsp. trachelium nettleleaf bellflower,bats-in-the-belfry,throatwort
Campanula uniflora arctic bellflower,arctic harebell,alpine harebell

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