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Plantaginaceae snapdragon family
Veronica officinalis var. officinalis L.
En: common speedwell, heath speedwell, Paul's betony, upland speedwell, common gypsyweed;
Fr: the d'Europe , veronique officinale
  • [=Veronica officinalis L. forma albiflora (Don) House]
  • [=Veronica officinalis L. var. albiflora Don]
  • [=Veronica officinalis L. var. minor Gren. & Godr.]
  • [=Veronica officinalis L. var. multicaulis Wallr.]
  • [=Veronica officinalis L. var. silvestris Wallr.]
  • [=Veronica officinarium Crantz]
  • [=Veronica praetutiana Moretti]
  • [=Veronica setigera D.Don]
  • [=Veronica spadana Lej.]

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