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family: Orobanchaceae

Pedicularis albolabiata
Pedicularis arctoeuropaea
Pedicularis bracteosa
Pedicularis bracteosa var. bracteosa
Pedicularis bracteosa var. latifolia
Pedicularis canadensis wood betony,Canadian lousewort,Canada woodbetony,forest lousewort
Pedicularis canadensis subsp. canadensis Canadian lousewort,Canada woodbetony
Pedicularis capitata
Pedicularis contorta
Pedicularis flammea redtipped lousewort
Pedicularis furbishiae
Pedicularis groenlandica Greenland lousewort,elephantshead
Pedicularis hirsuta
Pedicularis interior
Pedicularis labradorica Labrador lousewort,Labrador woodbetony
Pedicularis lanata
Pedicularis lanceolata swamp lousewort,swamp woodbetony
Pedicularis langsdorffii Langsdorf's lousewort
Pedicularis langsdorffii subsp. arctica
Pedicularis lapponica Lapland lousewort,Lapland woodbetony
Pedicularis macrodonta muskeg lousewort
Pedicularis oederi
Pedicularis ornithorhyncha
Pedicularis palustris
Pedicularis parviflora sparseflowered lousewort
Pedicularis racemosa
Pedicularis sudetica Sudetic wood betony
Pedicularis sudetica subsp. interioides inland Sudetic wood betony
Pedicularis sylvatica
Pedicularis verticillata

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