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family: Phrymaceae

Erythranthe alsinoides chickweed monkeyflower,wingstem monkeyflower
Erythranthe arvensis
Erythranthe breviflora shortflower monkeyflower
Erythranthe breweri Brewer's monkeyflower
Erythranthe caespitosa subalpine monkeyflower,large mountain monkeyflower
Erythranthe cardinalis scarlet monkeyflower,crimson monkeyflower,cardinal monkeyflower
Erythranthe decora
Erythranthe dentata coastal monkeyflower,toothed monkeyflower,dentateleaf monkeyflower
Erythranthe floribunda manyflower monkeyflower,floriferous monkeyflower,small yellow monkeyflower,purplestem monkeyflower
Erythranthe geyeri roundleaf monkeyflower,smooth monkeyflower,swamp monkeyflower,James' monkeyflower
Erythranthe glabrata roundleaf monkeyflower,glabrous monkeyflower
Erythranthe guttata yellow monkeyflower,common monkeyflower,seep monkeyflower
Erythranthe lewisii Lewis' monkeyflower,red monkeyflower,purple monkeyflower,pink monkeyflower
Erythranthe michiganensis
Erythranthe microphylla
Erythranthe monoliformis sticky monkeyflower,muskflower
Erythranthe moschata sticky monkeyflower,muskflower
Erythranthe nasuata
Erythranthe sookensis
Erythranthe suksdorfii Suksdorf's monkeyflower,miniature monkeyflower
Erythranthe tilingii subalpine monkeyflower,large mountain monkeyflower,mountain monkeyflower,Tiling's monkeyflower

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