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family: Convolvulaceae

Cuscuta approximata alfalfa dodder,clustered dodder
Cuscuta cephalanthi buttonbush dodder
Cuscuta coryli hazel dodder
Cuscuta epilinum flax dodder
Cuscuta epithymum clover dodder,common dodder,thyme dodder
Cuscuta gronovii common dodder,scaldweed,swamp dodder
Cuscuta pentagona five-angled dodder,bush-clover dodder,field dodder,pentagon dodder
Cuscuta polygonorum smartweed dodder,polygonum dodder
Cuscuta salina saltmarsh dodder,alkali dodder,goldenthread
Cuscuta salina var. major
Cuscuta salina var. salina saltmarsh dodder,alkali dodder,goldenthread

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