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family: Caryophyllaceae

Stellaria alaskana Alaska starwort
Stellaria alsine bog stitchwort,bog starwort
Stellaria americana American starwort
Stellaria borealis boreal starwort,northern stitchwort,boreal stitchwort
Stellaria borealis subsp. borealis boreal starwort,northern stitchwort
Stellaria borealis subsp. sitchana Sitka starwort,Pacific northwest starwort
Stellaria calycantha northern starwort,northern stitchwort
Stellaria crassifolia fleshy starwort,fleshy stitchwort,thick-leaf starwort
Stellaria crispa crisp starwort,crimped stitchwort
Stellaria dicranoides Chamisso's starwort,matted starwort
Stellaria fontinalis American water starwort,Kentucky starwort
Stellaria graminea lesser stitchwort,grassleaf starwort,grassleaf stitchwort,common stitchwort
Stellaria holostea greater stitchwort,greater starwort,adder's-meat
Stellaria humifusa saltmarsh starwort
Stellaria longifolia longleaf starwort,longleaf stitchwort
Stellaria longipes Goldie's starwort,longstalk starwort
Stellaria longipes subsp. arenicola sanddune chickweed,Lake Athabasca starwort
Stellaria longipes subsp. longipes longstalk starwort,longstalk stitchwort,Goldie's starwort
Stellaria media common chickweed,chickweed starwort
Stellaria nitens shiny starwort,shining chickweed
Stellaria obtusa blunt-sepal starwort,Rocky Mountain starwort,obtuse starwort
Stellaria pallida pale starwort,lesser chickweed,apetalous chickweed
Stellaria palustris marsh stitchwort,marsh starwort,European chickweed
Stellaria umbellata umbellate starwort,umbellate chickweed

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