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family: Hydrocharitaceae

Najas flexilis slender naiad,nodding waternymph
Najas gracillima slender waternymph,threadlike naiad,northern naiad threadleaf naiad
Najas guadalupensis southern naiad,southern waternymph,bushy pondweed,common waternymph,Guadalupe waternymph
Najas guadalupensis subsp. guadalupensis southern naiad,common waternymph,Guadalupe waternymph,southern waternymph
Najas guadalupensis subsp. olivacea olive waternymph
Najas marina spiny naiad,large naias,hollyleaf waternymph,alkaline waternymph,hollyleaf naiad,spiny waternymph
Najas minor small waternymph,brittle naiad,eutrophic watermymph,brittleleaf naiad,brittle waternymph

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