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family: Selaginellaceae

Selaginella densa prairie spikemoss,dense spikemoss,lesser spikemoss
Selaginella eclipes hidden spikemoss,northern meadow spikemoss,Buck's meadow spikemoss,midwest spikemoss
Selaginella oregana Oregon spikemoss,Oregon selaginella,festoon spikemoss
Selaginella rupestris rock spikemoss,ledge spikemoss,dwarf spikemoss,festoon pine
Selaginella scopulorum Rocky Mountain spikemoss,cliff spikemoss
Selaginella selaginoides low spikemoss,northern spikemoss,prickly spikemoss
Selaginella sibirica Siberian spikemoss,northern spikemoss
Selaginella standleyi Standley's spikemoss
Selaginella wallacei Wallace's spikemoss,Wallace's little spikemoss

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