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family: Cyperaceae

Scirpus ancistrochaetus barbed bristle bulrush,northeastern bulrush
Scirpus atrocinctus blackgirdled bulrush
Scirpus atrovirens black bulrush,darkgreen bulrush
Scirpus cyperinus woolgrass
Scirpus expansus woodland bulrush
Scirpus georgianus bristleless darkgreen bulrush,Georgia bulrush
Scirpus hattorianus early darkgreen bulrush,mosquito bulrush
Scirpus longii Long's bulrush
Scirpus microcarpus redtinged bulrush,panicled bulrush,smallfruited bulrush
Scirpus pallidus pale bulrush
Scirpus pedicellatus pedicelled bulrush,stalked bulrush
Scirpus pendulus hanging bulrush,rufous bulrush,pendulous bulrush
Scirpus polyphyllus

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