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family: Asteraceae

Achillea ageratifolia Balkan yarrow,Greek yarrow,aizoon yarrow
Achillea ageratum sweet Nancy,sweet yarrow
Achillea alpina Siberian yarrow,manyflowered yarrow
Achillea distans Alps yarrow,tall yarrow,tansyleaf milfoil
Achillea filipendulina fernleaf yarrow
Achillea lanulosa woolly yarrow,northern yarrow
Achillea lanulosa var. lanulosa woolly yarrow,northern yarrow,mountain yarrow
Achillea lanulosa var. megacephala largehead yarrow,large-headed woolly yarrow
Achillea millefolium common yarrow,milfoil
Achillea ptarmica sneezeweed yarrow,white tansy,sneezewort,pearl yarrow
Achillea setacea
Achillea tomentosa yellow milfoil,woolly yarrow
Achillea ×'Moonshine' moonshine yarrow
Achillea ×lewisii dwarf woolly yarrow

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