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family: Fabaceae

Lupinus albicaulis sickle-keeled lupine,pine lupine
Lupinus angustifolius
Lupinus arboreus
Lupinus arbustus
Lupinus arbustus subsp. neolaxiflorus
Lupinus arbustus subsp. pseudoparviflorus
Lupinus arcticus
Lupinus arcticus subsp. arcticus
Lupinus arcticus subsp. subalpinus subalpine lupine
Lupinus argenteus
Lupinus argenteus var. argenteus
Lupinus argenteus var. laxiflorus
Lupinus bicolor
Lupinus bicolor subsp. bicolor
Lupinus bingenensis
Lupinus bingenensis var. subsaccatus
Lupinus burkei
Lupinus burkei subsp. burkei
Lupinus citrinus
Lupinus citrinus var. citrinus
Lupinus densiflorus
Lupinus densiflorus var. densiflorus
Lupinus kuschei
Lupinus latifolius
Lupinus latifolius subsp. latifolius
Lupinus lepidus
Lupinus leucophyllus velvet lupine,woolly-leaved lupine,white-leaved lupine
Lupinus littoralis
Lupinus lyallii
Lupinus minimus
Lupinus nootkatensis Nootka lupine
Lupinus nootkatensis var. fruticosus
Lupinus nootkatensis var. nootkaensis Nootka lupine
Lupinus oreganus
Lupinus oreganus var. kincaidii
Lupinus parviflorus
Lupinus perennis wild lupine,sundial lupine
Lupinus polycarpus
Lupinus polyphyllus bigleaf lupine,meadow lupine,garden lupine
Lupinus pusillus
Lupinus pusillus subsp. pusillus low lupine,annual lupine,rusty lupine,small lupine
Lupinus rivularis
Lupinus × 'Russell Hybrids' Russell hybrid lupine
Lupinus sericeus
Lupinus sulphureus
Lupinus vallicola open lupine,Douglas' annual lupine
Lupinus vallicola subsp. apricus open lupine,Douglas' annual lupine
Lupinus wyethii

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