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family: Fabaceae

Lathyrus aphaca
Lathyrus bijugatus
Lathyrus holochlorus
Lathyrus japonicus sea vetchling,beach pea
Lathyrus jepsonii
Lathyrus jepsonii subsp. jepsonii
Lathyrus latifolius perennial sweet pea,everlasting pea
Lathyrus littoralis
Lathyrus nevadensis
Lathyrus nevadensis subsp. lanceolatus
Lathyrus nevadensis subsp. lanceolatus var. pilosellus
Lathyrus niger black bitter vetch,black pea
Lathyrus ochroleucus pale vetchling,cream vetchling,yellow vetchling
Lathyrus odoratus sweet pea
Lathyrus palustris marsh pea,marsh vetchling
Lathyrus pratensis meadow vetchling,yellow peavine,yellow vetchling,meadow pea
Lathyrus sativus
Lathyrus sphaericus
Lathyrus sylvestris flat peavine,narrowleaf everlasting pea, small-flowered everlasting pea
Lathyrus tuberosus
Lathyrus venosus purple vetchling,veiny pea
Lathyrus vernus spring vetchling,spring pea

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