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family: Papaveraceae

Papaver alboroseum pale poppy,portage poppy,dwarf pink poppy
Papaver alpinum alpine poppy,glacier poppy,Austrian poppy,dwarf poppy
Papaver alpinum Hybrids hybrid alpine poppy,hybrid dwarf poppy
Papaver argemone pale roughfruit poppy,pinnate poppy,long pricklyhead poppy,prickly poppy
Papaver atlanticum Atlas poppy,Spanish poppy,Moroccan poppy
Papaver cornwallisensis
Papaver croceum
Papaver dahlianum
Papaver dahlianum subsp. polare high arctic poppy,polar poppy
Papaver dubium longpod poppy,pale red poppy,Babington's poppy,doubtful poppy,blind eyes,longhead poppy
Papaver gorodkovii arctic poppy,Russian poppy
Papaver hultenii
Papaver keelei Macoun's poppy
Papaver kluanensis Kluane poppy
Papaver labradoricum Labrador poppy
Papaver lapponicum Lapland poppy
Papaver lapponicum subsp. occidentale
Papaver mcconnellii McConnell's poppy
Papaver nudicaule Iceland poppy,Icelandic poppy
Papaver nudicaule subsp. americanum Iceland poppy,Icelandic poppy
Papaver nudicaule subsp. nudicaule Icelandic poppy,Iceland poppy
Papaver orientale Oriental poppy
Papaver pygmaeum dwarf alpine poppy,alpine glacier poppy,dwarf poppy
Papaver radicatum rooted poppy,arctic poppy
Papaver radicatum subsp. radicatum rooted poppy,arctic poppy
Papaver rhoeas corn poppy,field poppy,ponceau,Shirley poppy,Flanders poppy
Papaver somniferum opium poppy
Papaver walpolei Walpole's poppy

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