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family: Boraginaceae

Mertensia drummondii Drummond's lungwort,Drummond's bluebells
Mertensia lanceolata prairie bluebells,prairie lungwort,narrowleaf bluebells,lanceleaf chiming bells,lanceleaf lungwort,lanceleaf bluebells
Mertensia lanceolata var. lanceolata prairie bluebells,prairie lungwort,lanceleaf bluebells,lanceleaf chiming bells,lanceleaf lungwort,narrowleaf bluebells
Mertensia longiflora longflowered lungwort,sagebrush bluebells,trumpet bluebells,small bluebells,largeflowered lungwort,longflowered bluebells
Mertensia maritima sea lungwort,oysterleaf
Mertensia maritima var. maritima sea lungwort,oysterleaf
Mertensia paniculata tall lungwort,northern bluebells,tall bluebells,languid ladies,chiming bells
Mertensia paniculata var. alaskana Alaska tall lungwort,Alaska tall bluebells
Mertensia paniculata var. borealis northern lungwort,northern bluebells,pan bluebells
Mertensia paniculata var. eastwoodiae Eastwood's bluebells,Eastwood's lungwort
Mertensia paniculata var. paniculata tall lungwort,languid ladies,chiming bells,northern bluebells,tall bluebells
Mertensia virginica Virginia bluebells,Virginia cowslip

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