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family: Caryophyllaceae

Sagina apetala common pearlwort
Sagina caespitosa tufted pearlwort
Sagina decumbens spreading pearlwort,trailing pearlwort
Sagina japonica Japanese pearlwort
Sagina maxima coastal pearlwort,sticky-stemmed pearlwort
Sagina nivalis snow pearlwort,sagine des neiges
Sagina nodosa knotty pearlwort,knotted pearlwort
Sagina nodosa subsp. borealis knotty pearlwort
Sagina procumbens matted pearlwort,spreading pearlwort,procumbent pearlwort
Sagina saginoides alpine pearlwort
Sagina subulata Scottish moss,awl-leaf pearlwort,Corsican pearlwort,heath pearlwort,Irish moss

ANUCLIM maps and models

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