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family: Rosaceae

Malus applecrab hybrids applecrab,Rescue applecrab,Kerr applecrab
Malus baccata Siberian crabapple
Malus coronaria wild crab apple,sweet crab apple
Malus floribunda showy crab apple,purple chokeberry,Japanese flowering crab apple
Malus fusca Oregon crab apple,Pacific crab apple
Malus ioensis Iowa crab,prairie crabapple,western crabapple
Malus mandshurica Manchurian crab apple
Malus prunifolia
Malus pumila sweet apple,paradise apple
Malus rockii Himalayan crab apple
Malus sargentii Sargent's crabapple
Malus sylvestris European crabapple,wild crabapple
Malus ×adstringens rosybloom crabapple,flowering crab apple
Malus ×domestica common apple,orchard apple,cultivated apple,domestic apple
Malus ×purpurea purple crabapple,flowering crabapple
Malus zumi redbud crab apple,zumi apple

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