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family: Betulaceae

Alnus alnobetula green alder,mountain alder
Alnus alnobetula subsp. crispa mountain alder,American green alder,green alder
Alnus alnobetula subsp. fruticosa Siberian alder
Alnus alnobetula subsp. sinuata Sitka alder,mountain alder
Alnus cordata Italian alder
Alnus glutinosa European black alder,black alder,European alder
Alnus incana gray alder,grey alder,hoary alder,white alder,speckled alder (subsp. rugosa)
Alnus incana subsp. rugosa speckled alder,tag alder,swamp alder,eastern river alder,aulne blanc rugueux
Alnus incana subsp. tenuifolia western mountain alder,thinleaf alder,western river alder
Alnus maritima seaside alder,brook alder,Delmarva alder
Alnus nepalensis Nepalese alder,Himalayan alder,Indian alder
Alnus nitida west Himalayan alder
Alnus oblongifolia Arizona alder,New Mexican alder
Alnus rhombifolia white alder,California alder
Alnus rubra red alder,Oregon alder,western alder
Alnus serrulata smooth alder,brookside alder,hazel alder
Alnus ×spaethii Spaeth's alder

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