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Cupressaceae juniper or cypress family
Juniperus horizontalis Moench
En: creeping juniper, prostrate juniper;
Fr: genevrier horizontal, genevrier rampant, savinier
  • [=Juniperus foetida (unranked) sabina Spach]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Alpina']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Argentea']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Blue Acres']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Blue Chip']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Douglasii']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Emerson']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Glauca']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Grey Carpet']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Hermit']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench forma alpina (Loudon) Rehder]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench forma douglasii Rehder]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench forma lobata O.W.Knight]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench subsp. hamptonensis Silba]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench subsp. neopangaea Silba]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench (unranked) variegata Beissn.]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench var. alpina (Loudon) Rehder]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench var. argentea hort.]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench var. douglasii (Rehder) Rehder]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench var. glauca Hornibr.]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench var. glauca-major Groot.]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench var. glomerata (Rehder) Rehder]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench var. plumosa Rehder]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis Moench var. prostrata (Pers.) Groot.]
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Plumosa']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Prince of Wales']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Turquoise Spreader']
  • [=Juniperus horizontalis 'Wapiti']
  • [=Juniperus hudsonica J.B.Forbes]
  • [=Juniperus prostrata Pers.]
  • [=Juniperus repens Nutt.]
  • [=Juniperus sabina L.]
  • [=Juniperus sabina L. forma prostrata (Pers.) Voss]
  • [=Juniperus sabina L. (unranked) erecta Beissn.]
  • [=Juniperus sabina L. (unranked) fastigiata Beissn.]
  • [=Juniperus sabina L. var. alpina Loudon]
  • [=Juniperus sabina L. var. procumbens Pursh]
  • [=Juniperus sabina L. var. prostrata (Pers.) Loudon]
  • [=Juniperus sabina Michx. 1803, nom. illeg. hom., non L. 1753]
  • [=Juniperus sabina Michx. var. humilis Hook. 1838, nom. illeg. hom., non Carrière p.p.]
  • [=Juniperus virginiana L. var. prostrata (Pers.) Torr.]
  • [=Sabina horizontalis (Moench) Rydb.]
  • [=Sabina horizontalis (Moench) Rydb. forma douglassii (Rehder) Moldenke]
  • [=Sabina prostrata (Pers.) Antoine]
  • [=Sabina vulgaris Antoine, p.p.]

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