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family: Rosaceae

Rubus allegheniensis Alleghaney blackberry,common blackberry,sow-teat blackberry
Rubus arcticus arctic bramble
Rubus arcticus subsp. acaulis stemless raspberry,plumboy (NL),dwarf raspberry,stemless arctic bramble,arctic bramble,nagoonberry
Rubus arcticus subsp. arcticus
Rubus arcticus subsp. stellatus
Rubus bifrons
Rubus caesius
Rubus canadensis Canada blackberry,smooth blackberry
Rubus chamaemorus cloudberry,bakeapple (NL)
Rubus cockburnianus whitestem bramble
Rubus flagellaris northern dewberry,common dewberry,prickly raspberry
Rubus fruticosus European blackberry
Rubus hispidus swamp dewberry,hispid blackberry,running blackberry,trailing blackberry,bristly dewberry
Rubus idaeus wild red raspberry
Rubus idaeus subsp. idaeus
Rubus idaeus subsp. strigosus wild red raspberry,greyleaf raspberry,North American red raspberry
Rubus illecebrosus
Rubus laciniatus evergreen blackberry,parsleyleaf bramble,cutleaf blackberry,laciniate bramble
Rubus lasiococcus
Rubus leucodermis blackcap raspberry,whitebark raspberry,western raspberry
Rubus leucodermis var. leucodermis
Rubus loganobaccus loganberry
Rubus nivalis
Rubus occidentalis western raspberry,black raspberry
Rubus odoratus flowering raspberry,purpleflowering raspberry
Rubus parviflorus thimbleberry,salmonberry,whiteflowering raspberry,sparseflowered thimbleberry
Rubus pedatus
Rubus pensilvanicus yankee blackberry,Pennsylvania blackberry
Rubus pentalobus Taiwan creeping raspberry
Rubus phoenicolasius Japanese wineberry,wine raspberry
Rubus pubescens dwarf raspberry,dewberry
Rubus recurvans
Rubus repens dewdrop,star violet,robin-run-away,false violet
Rubus rosifolius Queensland raspberry,Mauritius raspberry,roseleaf raspberry,bramble-of-the-Cape
Rubus saxatilis
Rubus setosus bristly blackberry,setose blackberry,small bristleberry
Rubus spectabilis salmonberry
Rubus thibetanus Tibetan bramble
Rubus tricolor Chinese bramble,creeping bramble
Rubus ursinus
Rubus vestitus
Rubus ×biformispinus
Rubus ×frondisentis
Rubus ×jacens
Rubus ×lepagei
Rubus ×neglectus
Rubus ×paracaulis hybrid plumboy,dwarf whiteflower raspberry
Rubus ×recurvicaulis Blanchard's dewberry,arching dewberry
Rubus ×tridel flowering bramble

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