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family: Asteraceae

Ambrosia acanthicarpa burr ragweed,flatspine ragweed,flatspine burr ragweed,flatspine bursage,annual bursage,sand bursage,sandbur,burweed
Ambrosia artemisiifolia common ragweed,annual ragweed,annual bursage,Roman wormwood,bitterweed
Ambrosia chamissonis silver burrweed,silver burr ragweed,cutleaf beachbur,silver bursage,beach bur,silver beachweed,silver bur ragweed
Ambrosia linearis Colorado bursage,linearleaf bursage,plains ragweed,streaked bur ragweed
Ambrosia psilostachya perennial ragweed,western ragweed,naked-spike ambrosia,Cuman ragweed
Ambrosia trifida giant ragweed,great ragweed,buffalo-weed,skeletonleaf bursage
Ambrosia ×helenae Sainte-Helene Island ragweed

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