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family: Magnoliaceae

Magnolia 'Ann' Ann magnolia (Little Girl series)
Magnolia 'Ricki' Ricki magnolia (Little Girl series)
Magnolia 'Susan' Susan magnolia (Little Girl series)
Magnolia acuminata cucumber tree,cucumber magnolia,blue magnolia
Magnolia ashei Ashe's magnolia
Magnolia denudata yulan magnolia,lilytree
Magnolia fraseri mountain magnolia,Fraser magnolia,earleaf umbrella tree
Magnolia grandiflora southern magnolia,bull bay,evergreen magnolia
Magnolia kobus Kobus magnolia,Kobushi magnolia,northern Japanese magnolia (var. borealis)
Magnolia liliiflora tulip magnolia,red magnolia,purple magnolia,lily magnolia,woody orchid
Magnolia macrophylla umbrella tree,largeleaf cucumber tree,bigleaf magnolia
Magnolia obovata Japanese bigleaf magnolia,Japanese whitebark magnolia
Magnolia officinalis Houpu magnolia,Asian umbrella magnolia,magnolia bark
Magnolia pyramidata
Magnolia salicifolia Japanese willowleaf magnolia,anise magnolia
Magnolia sieboldii Siebold's magnolia,Oyama magnolia
Magnolia stellata star magnolia
Magnolia tripetala umbrella magnolia,umbrella tree
Magnolia virginiana sweetbay magnolia,swamp magnolia,laurel magnolia
Magnolia ×'Butterfly' cucumber magnolia,butterfly magnolia
Magnolia ×'Elizabeth' cucumber-tree magnolia,Elizabeth magnolia
Magnolia ×'Galaxy' galaxy magnolia
Magnolia ×loebneri loebner magnolia,Loebner's magnolia
Magnolia ×soulangeana saucer magnolia,Japanese magnolia,Chinese magnolia
Magnolia ×wiesneri Wiesner's magnolia

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