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Maxent Models for Diapensia lapponica

A climate change scenario is a description of a possible future climate based on assumptions of how the earth's climate operates, future world population levels, economic activity and greenhouse gas emissions. We have interpolated several climate change scenarios for use in climate change impact studies.

Models are available for several future climate scenarios at the links below. The future scenario values can also be compared to current (1971-2000) averages.

Please see our web site Regional, national and international climate modeling and reports and papers here for details about the climate modeling Customized spatial climate models Spatial climate models for Canada's forestry community, High-resolution interpolation of climate scenarios for Canada , High resolution interpolation of climate scenarios for the conterminous USA and Alaska, and Change and evolution in the plant hardiness zones of Canada, Revisiting projected shifts in the climate envelopes of North American trees for example interpretations of the plant species models.

Species Distribution based on Current Climate


Species Climatic Distribution based on Future Climate Scenarios


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