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family: Rosaceae

Spiraea alba narrowleaf meadowsweet,white meadowsweet
Spiraea alba var. latifolia broadleaf meadowsweet,northern meadowsweet
Spiraea albiflora Japanese white spirea
Spiraea betulifolia
Spiraea betulifolia var. aemiliana birchleaf spirea
Spiraea cantoniensis double reeves spirea
Spiraea chamaedryfolia
Spiraea corymbosa
Spiraea decumbens white lace spirea
Spiraea douglasii western pink spiraea,steeplebush,Douglas' meadowsweet
Spiraea douglasii var. douglasii
Spiraea douglasii var. menziesii
Spiraea fritschiana Fritsch spiraea,Korean spiraea
Spiraea japonica Bumald spirea,Japanese spiraea,Japanese meadowsweet
Spiraea latifolia large-leaved meadowsweet
Spiraea lucida shinyleaf spiraea,birchleaf spiraea
Spiraea nipponica Tosa spiraea,Nippon spirea
Spiraea prunifolia bridal wreath spiraea
Spiraea salicifolia
Spiraea splendens
Spiraea splendens var. rosea
Spiraea splendens var. splendens mountain spirea
Spiraea stevenii
Spiraea thunbergii Thunberg's spirea
Spiraea tomentosa steeplebush,hardhack
Spiraea tomentosa var. rosea
Spiraea tomentosa var. tomentosa
Spiraea trichocarpa Korean spiraea
Spiraea trilobata Asian meadowsweet,threelobe spirea
Spiraea virginiana
Spiraea ×arguta bridal spray,garland spiraea,bridal wreath
Spiraea ×billiardii Billiard's spirea
Spiraea ×cinerea Grefsheim spirea,garland spiraea
Spiraea ×pyramidata
Spiraea ×vanhouttei VanHoutte spiraea

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