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family: Aquifoliaceae

Ilex amelanchier sarvis holly,swamp holly,serviceberry holly
Ilex aquifolium English holly
Ilex cassine dahoon,dahoon holly
Ilex coriacea large gallberry,bay gallbush,sweet gallberry
Ilex cornuta horned holly,Chinese holly
Ilex crenata Japanese holly,boxlef holly
Ilex decidua deciduous holly,possumhaw
Ilex glabra inkberry,Appalachian-tea,bitter gallberry
Ilex integra mochitree,Nepal holly
Ilex laevigata smooth winterberry
Ilex latifolia lusterleaf holly
Ilex longipes Georgia holly
Ilex montana mountain holly,southern mountain holly,mountain winterberry
Ilex mucronata mountain holly,catberry
Ilex myrtifolia myrtle holly,myrtle dahoon,myrtle-leaf holly
Ilex opaca American holly,white holly
Ilex pedunculosa longstalk holly
Ilex pernyi Perny's holly
Ilex rotunda Kurogane holly
Ilex rugosa tsuru holly,prostrate holly
Ilex serrata Japanese winterberry,finetooth holly
Ilex verticillata winterberry,black alder
Ilex vomitoria yaupon
Ilex ×'Sparkleberry' sparkleberry holly,sparkleberry hybrid winterberry
Ilex ×altaclerensis Altaclara holly
Ilex ×attenuata Foster's holly,topel holly
Ilex ×koehneana chestnut leaf holly,Koehne's holly
Ilex ×meserveae Meserve hybrid holly,blue holly

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