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family: Juncaceae

Juncus acuminatus sharpfruit rush,tufted rush,tapertip rush,knottyleaf rush
Juncus alpinoarticulatus alpine rush,northern green sedge,Richardson's rush,jointed alpine rush
Juncus anthelatus greater poverty rush,giant path rush,tall path rush
Juncus arcticus arctic rush
Juncus arcticus subsp. arcticus arctic rush,Alaskan rush
Juncus arcticus subsp. balticus Baltic rush
Juncus articulatus jointed rush,jointleaf rush
Juncus biglumis twoglume rush,twoflower rush
Juncus bolanderi Bolander's rush
Juncus brachycarpus shortfruit rush,whiteroot rush,shore rush
Juncus brachycephalus shorthead rush,smallhead rush
Juncus brevicaudatus short-tail rush,narrow-panicled rush,Tweedy's rush
Juncus breweri
Juncus bufonius toad rush,annual rush
Juncus bufonius var. bufonius
Juncus bufonius var. halophilus
Juncus bulbosus bulbous rush,spreading rush
Juncus caesariensis New Jersey rush
Juncus canadensis Canada rush,marsh rush,tailed-seed rush
Juncus castaneus chestnut rush
Juncus castaneus subsp. castaneus
Juncus castaneus subsp. leucochlamys
Juncus compressus compressed rush,flattened rush,roundfruit rush
Juncus confusus Colorado rush,fewflower rush
Juncus covillei Coville's rush
Juncus covillei var. covillei Coville's rush
Juncus covillei var. obtusatus blunt rush,Coville's rush
Juncus debilis
Juncus drummondii threeflower rush,Drummond's rush
Juncus dudleyi Dudley's rush
Juncus effusus soft rush,bog rush,common rush
Juncus ensifolius daggerleaf rush,swordleaf rush,three-stamen rush
Juncus ensifolius var. ensifolius daggerleaf rush,swordleaf rush,three-stamen rush
Juncus ensifolius var. montanus Rocky Mountain rush,Tracy's rush
Juncus falcatus sickleleaf rush,falcate rush
Juncus falcatus var. sitchensis sickleleaf rush,falcate rush,Chilean rush
Juncus filiformis thread rush,filiform rush
Juncus gerardii blackgrass rush,black grass,Gerard's rush,saltmarsh rush
Juncus greenei Greene's rush
Juncus gymnocarpus Pennsylvania rush
Juncus hemiendytus
Juncus hemiendytus var. hemiendytus
Juncus inflexus incurved rush,European meadow rush,blue rush
Juncus interior inland rush,interior rush
Juncus kelloggii Kellogg's rush,Kellogg's dwarf rush
Juncus lesueurii Lesueur's rush,dune rush,salt rush
Juncus longistylis longstyle rush
Juncus marginatus grassleaf rush
Juncus mertensianus Merten's rush,slenderstem rush
Juncus militaris bayonet rush,jointed bog rush
Juncus nevadensis Sierra rush,Sierra Nevada rush,Nevada rush
Juncus nodosus knotted rush,jointed rush
Juncus occidentalis western rush
Juncus oxymeris pointed rush
Juncus parryi Parry's rush
Juncus pelocarpus brownfruited rush,Sable Island rush,mud rush
Juncus regelii Regel's rush
Juncus scirpoides scirpuslike rush,needlepod rush
Juncus secundus onesided rush,secund rush,lopsided rush
Juncus stygius moor rush,bog rush
Juncus stygius var. americanus American moor rush,American bog rush
Juncus subcaudatus woodland rush,Engelmann's rush
Juncus subtilis creeping rush,greater creeping rush
Juncus supiniformis spreading rush,hairyleaf rush
Juncus tenuis path rush,slender rush,roadside rush
Juncus torreyi Torrey's rush
Juncus trifidus highland rush
Juncus triglumis threeflower rush,threehulled rush
Juncus triglumis var. albescens northern white rush
Juncus triglumis var. triglumis threeflower rush,threehulled rush
Juncus vaseyi Vasey's rush
Juncus ×alpiniformis
Juncus ×fulvescens
Juncus ×gracilescens
Juncus ×lemieuxii
Juncus ×nodosiformis hybrid alpine rush,alpine knotted rush

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