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family: Oxalidaceae

Oxalis acetosella common woodsorrel,white woodsorrel,European woodsorrel,Irish shamrock
Oxalis acetosella subsp. montana mountain woodsorrel,northern woodsorrel,common woodsorrel,white woodsorrel
Oxalis adenophylla Chilean woodsorrel,pink buttercups,pink carpet oxalis,silver shamrock
Oxalis corniculata creeping woodsorrel,creeping lady's sorrel,creeping yellow woodsorrel,procumbent yellow sorrel,creeping red sorrel,purple creeping woodsorrel,sleeping beauty
Oxalis dillenii
Oxalis magellanica Magellan woodsorrel,snowdrop woodsorrel
Oxalis oregana redwood sorrel,Oregon wood sorrel
Oxalis stricta European woodsorrel,common yellow oxalis,upright yellow woodsorrel, tall woodsorrel

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