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family: Polygonaceae

Persicaria amphibia amphibious knotweed;,amphibious bistort,water smartweed,swamp smartweed
Persicaria arifolia arumleaf tearthumb,halberdleaf tearthumb
Persicaria capitata pinkhead smartweed,pinkhead knotweed
Persicaria careyi Carey's smartweed
Persicaria hydropiper marsh-pepper smartweed,waterpepper, biting persicaria,redleaf
Persicaria hydropiperoides swamp smartweed,mild waterpepper,false waterpepper
Persicaria lapathifolia pale smartweed,nodding smartweed
Persicaria longiseta bristly lady's-thumb,oriental lady's-thumb,creeping smartweed,longbristle smartweed
Persicaria maculosa spotted lady's-thumb,heartweed,redshank
Persicaria microcephala red dragon fleeceflower
Persicaria minor small waterpepper
Persicaria nepalensis Nepalese knotweed,Nepal smartweed
Persicaria orientalis oriental smartweed,kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate,prince's-feather,prince's-plume knotweed
Persicaria pensylvanica Pennsylvania smartweed,pink knotweed
Persicaria polymorpha white fleeceflower,giant fleeceflower
Persicaria punctata dotted smartweed
Persicaria robustior stout smartweed
Persicaria sagittata arrow-vine,arrowleaf tearthumb
Persicaria virginiana Virginia knotweed,jumpseed
Persicaria wallichii Himalayan knotweed,cultivated knotweed,Kashmir plume
Persicaria wallichii var. wallichii Kashmir plume,cultivated knotweed,Himalayan knotweed

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