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family: Cistaceae

Lechea cernua nodding pinweed,scrub pinweed
Lechea intermedia largepod pinweed,savanna pinweed,prairie pinweed
Lechea intermedia var. depauperata impoverished pinweed
Lechea intermedia var. intermedia largepod pinweed,savanna pinweed,narrowleaf pinweed,prairie pinweed
Lechea intermedia var. laurentiana largepod pinweed,narrowleaf pinweed,prairie pinweed
Lechea maritima beach pinweed,seaside pinweed
Lechea minor
Lechea mucronata hairy pinweed
Lechea pulchella Leggett's pinweed,pretty pinweed
Lechea stricta
Lechea tenuifolia narrowleaf pinweed

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