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family: Asteraceae

Nabalus alatus western rattlesnakeroot,wingleaf rattlesnakeroot,western white lettuce
Nabalus albus white rattlesnakeroot,white lettuce,lion's foot
Nabalus altissimus tall white lettuce,tall rattlesnakeroot,tall white rattlesnakeroot
Nabalus asper rough rattlesnakeroot
Nabalus barbatus
Nabalus crepidineus nodding snakeroot
Nabalus racemosus glaucous rattlesnakeroot,glaucous white lettuce,purple rattlesnakeroot
Nabalus roanensis Roan Mountain rattlesnakeroot
Nabalus sagittatus arrowleaf rattlesnakeroot,purple rattlesnakeroot,arrowleaf snakeroot
Nabalus serpentarius lion's foot rattlesnakeroot,cankerweed
Nabalus trifoliolatus threeleaf rattlesnakeroot,gall-of-the-earth,tall rattlesnakeroot
Nabalus ×mainensis Maine rattlesnakeroot

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