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family: Poaceae

Dichanthelium acuminatum hairy panicgrass,tapered rosette grass,needleleaf rosette grass,woolly rosette grass,woolly panicgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. acuminatum hairy panicgrass,woolly rosette grass,woolly panicgrass,tapered rosette grass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. columbianum Columbia panicgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. fasciculatum western panicgrass,hairy panicgrass,woolly rosette grass,tapered rosette grass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. implicatum mat panicgrass,western panicgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. leucothrix rough witchgrass,rough panicgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. lindheimeri Lindheimer's panicgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. longiligulatum coastal plain witchgrass,coastal plain panicgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. sericeum Pacific panicgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. spretum Eaton's panicgrass,Eaton's rosette grass,Eaton's witchgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum subsp. thermale Geyser's panicgrass,geyser panicgrass
Dichanthelium boreale northern witchgrass,northern panicgrass
Dichanthelium boscii Bosc's witchgrass,Bosc's panicgrass
Dichanthelium clandestinum deertongue grass
Dichanthelium depauperatum depauperate panicgrass,green panicgrass,starved panicgrass
Dichanthelium dichotomum cypress witchgrass,forked panicgrass
Dichanthelium dichotomum subsp. dichotomum cypress witchgrass,forked panicgrass
Dichanthelium latifolium broadleaf panicgrass,broadleaf rosette grass,broadleaf witchgrass,wideleaf dichanthelium
Dichanthelium leibergii Lieberg's witchgrass,Leiberg's panicgrass
Dichanthelium linearifolium slimleaf panicgrass,narrowleaf panicgrass,slimleaf dichanthelium,low whitehair panicgrass,rosette panicgrass,slimleaf witchgrass,linearleaf panicgrass
Dichanthelium oligosanthes fewflowered panicgrass,Scribner's panicgrass,Heller's rosette grass
Dichanthelium oligosanthes subsp. oligosanthes fewflower panicgrass,few-anther obscuregrass
Dichanthelium oligosanthes subsp. scribnerianum Heller's rosette grass,Scribner's panicgrass
Dichanthelium ovale ovalleaf rosette grass,stiffleaf panicgrass
Dichanthelium ovale subsp. praecocius
Dichanthelium ovale subsp. pseudopubescens Commons' panicgrass,ovalleaf rosette grass,stiffleaf panicgrass
Dichanthelium ovale subsp. villosissimum hairy dichanthelium,whitehair witchgrass,whitehair rosette grass
Dichanthelium perlongum longstalked panicgrass
Dichanthelium polyanthes manyflowered panicgrass
Dichanthelium portoricense bluntglumed panicgrass
Dichanthelium portoricense subsp. patulum bluntglumed panicgrass
Dichanthelium portoricense subsp. portoricense bluntglumed panicgrass
Dichanthelium scoparium velvety panicgrass,velvet witchgrass
Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon roundfruit panicgrass,roundseed dichanthelium
Dichanthelium wilcoxianum Wilcox's panicgrass,sand millet,fall rosette grass,fall panicgrass
Dichanthelium wrightianum Wright's panicgrass,Wright's witch grass,Wright's rosette grass
Dichanthelium xanthophysum pale panicgrass,slender rosette grass,slender panicgrass

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