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family: Lycopodiaceae

Diphasiastrum alpinum alpine clubmoss,alpine ground-cedar
Diphasiastrum complanatum northern ground-cedar,northern running-pine,flatbranch clubmoss,Christmas green,trailing groundpine
Diphasiastrum digitatum southern ground-cedar,southern running-pine,fan clubmoss,trailing groundpine,crowfoot clubmoss
Diphasiastrum sitchense Sitka ground-cedar,Sitka clubmoss,tufted ground-cedar,Alaskan clubmoss
Diphasiastrum tristachyum blue ground-cedar,three-spiked clubmoss,northern groundpine,wiry ground-cedar
Diphasiastrum ×habereri Haberer's ground-cedar,Haberer?s clubmoss
Diphasiastrum ×sabinifolium savinleaf ground-cedar,savinleaf clubmoss,heath-cypress,juniper clubmoss,ground-fir,savinleaf ground-pine
Diphasiastrum ×takedae Takeda's ground-cedar,Takeda's clubmoss
Diphasiastrum ×zeilleri Zeiller's ground-cedar,Zeiller's clubmoss,Zeiller's groundpine,Zeiller's running-pine
Diphasiastrum ?verecundum bashful ground-cedar

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