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family: Onagraceae

Epilobium anagallidifolium
Epilobium arcticum
Epilobium brachycarpum autumn willowherb,tall annual willowherb
Epilobium campestre
Epilobium canum
Epilobium canum subsp. canum red California fuchsia,California fuchsia,wild fuchsia
Epilobium ciliatum fringed willowherb,northern willowherb,hairy willowherb,American willowherb
Epilobium ciliatum subsp. ciliatum hairy willowherb,northern willowherb
Epilobium ciliatum subsp. ciliatum var. ciliatum
Epilobium ciliatum subsp. ciliatum var. ecomosum
Epilobium ciliatum subsp. glandulosum purple-leaf willowherb,glandular willowherb
Epilobium ciliatum subsp. watsonii Watson's willowherb
Epilobium clavatum
Epilobium coloratum cinnamon willowherb,purpleveined willowherb,purpleleaf willowherb,eastern willowherb
Epilobium davuricum Dahurian willowherb
Epilobium densiflorum
Epilobium foliosum
Epilobium glaberrimum
Epilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatum
Epilobium halleanum
Epilobium hirsutum codlins-and-cream,great hairy willowherb
Epilobium hornemannii Hornemann's willowherb,alpine willowherb
Epilobium hornemannii subsp. behringianum
Epilobium hornemannii subsp. hornemannii Hornemann's willowherb
Epilobium lactiflorum
Epilobium leptocarpum
Epilobium leptophyllum fen willowherb,narrowleaf willowherb,bog willowherb
Epilobium luteum
Epilobium minutum
Epilobium mirabile hairystem willowherb,Olympic Mountain willowherb,wonderful willowherb
Epilobium montanum
Epilobium oreganum
Epilobium oregonense
Epilobium palustre marsh willowherb
Epilobium parviflorum small-flower hairy willowherb,downy willowherb,sparseflowered willowherb,hoary willowherb
Epilobium saximontanum
Epilobium strictum downy willowherb,northeastern willowherb
Epilobium torreyi
Epilobium ×treleaseanum
Epilobium ×wisconsinense Wisconsin willowherb

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