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family: Linaceae

Linum austriacum
Linum bienne
Linum catharticum fairy flax,dwarf flax
Linum flavum golden flax,yellow flax
Linum intercursum sandplain flax
Linum lewisii wild blue flax,prairie flax,Lewis' wild flax,blue flax
Linum lewisii subsp. lepagei Lepage's flax
Linum lewisii subsp. lewisii wild blue flax,prairie flax,Lewis' blue flax,western blue flax
Linum medium stiff yellow flax,small yellow flax
Linum medium var. medium stiff yellow flax
Linum medium var. texanum Texas stiff yellow flax
Linum perenne perennial flax,blue flax
Linum pratense
Linum rigidum stiffstem flax,largeflower yellow flax,orange flax,Wyoming yellow flax,compact flax,yellow stiffstem flax
Linum striatum ridged yellow flax,stiff yellow flax
Linum sulcatum grooved flax,grooved yellow flax
Linum usitatissimum common flax,cultivated flax,linseed,flaxseed
Linum virginianum woodland flax,Virginia flax,woodland yellow flax,Virginia yellow flax

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