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family: Liliaceae

Lilium Asiatic Hybrids Asiatic lily
Lilium Oriental Hybrids Oriental lily
Lilium Trumpet (Aurelian) hybrids trumpet lily
Lilium bulbiferum orange lily
Lilium canadense Canada lily
Lilium canadense subsp. canadense
Lilium candidum madonna lily
Lilium columbianum Columbia lily
Lilium formosanum Formosa lily
Lilium grayi
Lilium henryi Henry's turk's cap lily
Lilium iridollae
Lilium lancifolium tiger lily
Lilium longiflorum easter lily
Lilium maritimum
Lilium martagon Turk's-cap,martagon lily
Lilium michiganense Michigan lily
Lilium parryi
Lilium philadelphicum wood lily,prairie lily,mouse root (Cree),Saskatchewan lily,western red lily
Lilium regale regal lily
Lilium speciosum Japanese lily
Lilium superbum American Turk's-cap lily

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