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family: Poaceae

Leymus angustus narrowleaf lymegrass,Altai wildrye
Leymus arenarius sea lymegrass,European dunegrass
Leymus cinereus Great Basin wildrye,giant wildrye,basin wildrye,Great Basin lymegrass
Leymus innovatus downy ryegrass,northwestern wild rye,boreal wildrye,downy lyme grass
Leymus innovatus subsp. velutinus northwestern wildrye,downy lymegrass,boreal wildrye,downy ryegrass
Leymus innovatus var. innovatus downy rye grass,northwestern wild rye,downy lyme grass,boreal wildrye
Leymus mollis sea lymegrass,strand wheat,American dune grass
Leymus mollis subsp. mollis strand wheat,American dune grass,sea lymegrass
Leymus mollis subsp. villosissimus Arctic dunegrass
Leymus triticoides beardless wildrye,creeping wildrye,beardless lymegrass,creeping lymegrass

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