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family: Malvaceae

Tilia americana basswood,American basswood,American linden,American lime,whitewood,white basswood
Tilia cordata littleleaf linden,small-leaf lime,small-leaf European linden
Tilia europaea European linden,common lime
Tilia mongolica Magnolian lime,Mongolian linden
Tilia platyphyllos largeleaf linden,largeleaf basswood,bigleaf linden,broadleaf lime,largeleaf lime
Tilia tomentosa silver linden,white linden,white lime,silver lime,Hungarian silver linden,weeping silver lime
Tilia ×euchlora Caucasian lime,Crimean linden
Tilia ×flavescens Glenleven linden,Dropmore linden
Tilia ×vulgaris common lime

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