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family: Rosaceae

Rosa 'Nearly Wild' floribunda hybrid rose
Rosa 'The Fairy' polyantha hybrid rose
Rosa Climbing Hybrids climbing rose
Rosa English Hybrids (including Austin Roses) English hybrid rose
Rosa Explorer Series Explorer Series Roses
Rosa Floribunda Hybrids floribunda hybrid rose
Rosa Flower Carpet Series flower carpet rose
Rosa Ground Cover Hybrids hybrid ground cover rose
Rosa Hybrid Tea selections hybrid tea rose
Rosa Meidiland Series Meidiland shrub rose
Rosa Miniature Hybrids miniature hybrid rose
Rosa Musk Hybrids hybrid musk rose
Rosa Parkland Series Parkland shrub rose
Rosa Pavement Series pavement hybrid rose
Rosa Polyantha Hybrids polyantha hybrid rose
Rosa Rugosa Hybrids hybrid rugosa shrub rose
Rosa acicularis prickly wild rose
Rosa acicularis subsp. sayi prickly wild rose
Rosa arkansana prairie rose,Arkansas rose
Rosa arvensis field rose
Rosa banksiae Lady Banks' rose
Rosa blanda meadow rose,smooth wild rose
Rosa canina dog rose,canker rose,common briar,dog briar
Rosa carolina Carolina rose,swamp wild rose
Rosa carolina subsp. carolina swamp wild rose,Carolina rose
Rosa carolina subsp. subserrulata
Rosa chinensis Chinese rose,Bengal rose
Rosa cinnamomea cinnamon rose,double cinnamon rose,May rose
Rosa foetida Austrian brier rose
Rosa gallica apothecary Rose
Rosa glauca glaucous rose,redleaf rose,blueleaf rose
Rosa gymnocarpa dwarf woodland rose,dwarf rose
Rosa gymnocarpa var. gymnocarpa
Rosa hugonis Golden rose of China,Father Hugo's rose
Rosa laevigata Cherokee rose
Rosa moyesii Moyes rose
Rosa multiflora multiflora rose,rambler rose,bramble rose,Japanese rose
Rosa nitida shining rose,northeastern rose
Rosa nutkana Nootka rose
Rosa nutkana subsp. macdougalii
Rosa nutkana subsp. nutkana Nootka rose
Rosa odorata China rose
Rosa omeiensis omei rose
Rosa palustris swamp rose
Rosa pisocarpa clustered wild rose,pea rose
Rosa pisocarpa subsp. pisocarpa
Rosa rubiginosa eglantine,sweet brier
Rosa rubiginosa var. nemoralis smallflower sweet briar
Rosa rubiginosa var. rubiginosa briar rose,eglantine,sweetbriar
Rosa rugosa rugosa rose,shrub rose,rough rose
Rosa setigera climbing rose,prairie rose,Michigan rose
Rosa spinosissima Scotch rose,Scotchbriar,Burnet rose
Rosa tomentosa woolly rose,downy rose
Rosa villosa apple rose
Rosa virginiana Virginia rose,pasture rose
Rosa wichuraiana sunshine rose,memorial rose
Rosa woodsii Woods' rose
Rosa woodsii subsp. ultramontana pearhip rose
Rosa woodsii subsp. woodsii Woods' rose
Rosa ×calocarpa
Rosa ×centifolia cabbage rose,musk rose
Rosa ×dulcissima
Rosa ×harisonii Harrison?s yellow rose
Rosa ×warleyenesis

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