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family: Malvaceae

Hibiscus coccineus scarlet rosemallow,Texas star hibiscus,swamp mallow,marsh hibiscus
Hibiscus laevis halberdleaf rosemallow,soldier mallow,smooth rosemallow
Hibiscus lasiocarpos hairyfruit hibiscus,hairy rosemallow,crimson-eyed rosemallow
Hibiscus moscheutos swamp rosemallow,common rosemallow,crimsoneyed rosemallow,sea hollyhock,water mallow
Hibiscus moscheutos subsp. moscheutos swamp rosemallow,common rosemallow,water-mallow
Hibiscus mutabilis Confederate rose,Dixie rosemallow,cotton rose
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Chinese hibiscus,Hawaiian hibiscus,China-rose
Hibiscus syriacus rose-of-Sharon, shrubby althaea,Syrian hibiscus
Hibiscus trionum flower-of-an-hour,bladder ketmia,Venice mallow,trilobate ketmia,shoofly,modesty
Hibiscus ×moscheutos Hybrids hardy hibiscus,Fleming hardy hibiscus

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