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family: Droseraceae

Drosera anglica English sundew,great sundew,oblongleaf sundew,longleaf sundew
Drosera filiformis dewthread,threadleaf sundew
Drosera intermedia spatulateleaf sundew,oblongleaf sundew,narrowleaf sundew,floating sundew,water sundew,spoonleaf sundew
Drosera linearis slenderleaf sundew,linearleaf sundew
Drosera rotundifolia roundleaf sundew,dewplant
Drosera ×belezeana Nova Scotian hybrid sundew,Godlingston sundew
Drosera ×linglica hybrid English sundew
Drosera ×obovata obovateleaf sundew,paddle-leaf sundew
Drosera ×woodii Wood's hybrid sundew

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