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family: Lycopodiaceae

Huperzia appressa mountain firmoss,Appalachian firmoss,Appalachian clubmoss
Huperzia arctica arctic firmoss
Huperzia haleakalae alpine firmoss,Pacific firmoss,Haleakala firmoss
Huperzia lucidula shining firmoss,shining clubmoss
Huperzia miyoshiana Pacific firmoss
Huperzia occidentalis western firmoss,western clubmoss
Huperzia porophila rock firmoss,Lloyd's clubmoss,rock clubmoss
Huperzia selago northern firmoss,fir clubmoss
Huperzia ×buttersii Butters' firmoss,Butters' clubmoss
Huperzia ×josephbeitelii Beitel?s firmoss,Beitel?s clubmoss
Huperzia ×protoporophila rock firmoss,rock clubmoss,Lloyd's clubmoss

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