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family: Lycopodiaceae

Lycopodium annotinum stiff clubmoss,bristly clubmoss,interrupted clubmoss,common clubmoss
Lycopodium clavatum running clubmoss,staghorn clubmoss,wolf's-claw clubmoss,elk moss,buckhorn
Lycopodium dendroideum prickly tree-clubmoss,roundbranch tree-clubmoss,roundbranch groundpine,northern tree-clubmoss,tree groundpine,ground spruce
Lycopodium hickeyi Hickey's tree-clubmoss,intermediate groundpine,equal-leaf groundpine
Lycopodium lagopus onecone clubmoss,onecone ground-pine,ptarmigan clubmoss
Lycopodium obscurum flatbranch tree-clubmoss,flatbranch groundpine,bunch evergreen,princess pine

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