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family: Asteraceae

Tanacetum balsamita costmary,balsam herb,alecost,mint-geranium,bible leaf
Tanacetum bipinnatum Lake Huron tansy,dwarf tansy
Tanacetum coccineum painted daisy
Tanacetum corymbosum Caucasian daisy,scentless feverfew
Tanacetum densum silver tansy
Tanacetum huronense
Tanacetum huronense var. floccosum
Tanacetum huronense var. huronense
Tanacetum macrophyllum rayed tansy,bigleaf tansy
Tanacetum niveum snow daisy
Tanacetum parthenium wild chamomile,common feverfew
Tanacetum vulgare common tansy,golden buttons

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