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family: Lamiaceae

Salvia argentea silver sage
Salvia azurea azure blue sage,blue sage,Pitcher's sage
Salvia elegans tangerine sage,pineapple sage
Salvia farinacea mealycup sage,blue sage
Salvia greggii Texas sage,autumn sage
Salvia guaranitica giant blue sage,sapphire sage,blue anise sage
Salvia hispanica
Salvia lyrata lyreleaf sage,cancerweed
Salvia nemorosa
Salvia officinalis garden sage,common sage,culinary sage
Salvia pratensis meadow clary,meadow sage
Salvia reflexa
Salvia sclarea clary wort,European sage,clary sage
Salvia splendens scarlet sage,bonfire salvia
Salvia verticillata whorled sage,lilac sage
Salvia viridis African blue sage,apple sage,autumn sage,bluebeard sage,annual sage,clary sage,annual clary
Salvia ×sylvestris Balkan clary,wild sage,woodland sage

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