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family: Rosaceae

Sorbus alnifolia alderleaf whitebeam,Korean mountain ash
Sorbus americana dogberry,American mountain ash
Sorbus aria chessapple,common whitebeam
Sorbus aucuparia rowan,quickbeam,European mountain ash
Sorbus cashmiriana Kashmir mountain ash,Kashmir rowan
Sorbus commixta Chinese scarlet rowan,Japanese mountain ash
Sorbus decora showy mountainash,northern mountainash
Sorbus discolor Chinese mountain ash,snowberry mountain ash
Sorbus hybrida Swedish servicetree
Sorbus intermedia Swedish whitebeam
Sorbus japonica Japanese servicetree,Japanese whitebeam
Sorbus meinichii Meinich's mountain ash,Meinich's Rowan
Sorbus reducta dwarf mountain ash,pygmy rowan
Sorbus scopulina Greene's mountain ash
Sorbus sitchensis Sitka mountain ash,western mountain ash (var. grayi),Pacific mountain ash
Sorbus sitchensis var. grayi western mountain ash
Sorbus sitchensis var. sitchensis Sitka mountain ash
Sorbus torminalis chequers,checker tree,wild servicetree
Sorbus ×arnoldiana Arnold's mountain ash
Sorbus ×thuringiaca oakleaf mountain ash

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