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family: Cornaceae

Cornus alba Tatarian dogwood,redbark dogwood,Siberian dogwood,goldenleaf dogwood,variegated redtwig,silverleaf dogwood,white dogwood
Cornus alternifolia alternateleaf dogwood,green osier,pagoda dogwood
Cornus amomum silky dogwood,swamp dogwood,red willow
Cornus asperifolia roughleaf dogwood,eastern roughleaf dogwood
Cornus canadensis bunchberry,crackerberry,dwarf cornel
Cornus capitata Bentham's cornel
Cornus controversa giant dogwood
Cornus drummondii Drummond's dogwood,roughleaf dogwood
Cornus florida common white dogwood,flowering dogwood
Cornus foemina stiff dogwood,stiff cornel,English dogwood
Cornus foemina subsp. racemosa gray dogwood,panicled dogwood,northern swamp dogwood,gray-osier dogwood
Cornus kousa Japanese dogwood,Kousa dogwood
Cornus kousa subsp. chinenesis Chinese dogwood
Cornus macrophylla bigleaf dogwood
Cornus mas Cornelian cherry,European cornel
Cornus nuttallii mountain dogwood,western flowering dogwood,Pacific dogwood
Cornus obliqua pale dogwood,silky dogwood,narrowleaf dogwood
Cornus officinalis Asiatic dogwood,Japanese cornel dogwood,Japanese cornelian cherry
Cornus rugosa roundleaf dogwood
Cornus sanguinea bloodtwig dogwood
Cornus stolonifera red osier dogwood,red willow,redstem dogwood
Cornus suecica Swedish bunchberry,Lapland cornel,dwarf cornel
Cornus unalaschkensis
Cornus walteri Walter's dogwood
Cornus ×acadiensis
Cornus ×intermedia hybrid bunchberry
Cornus ×rutgersiensis Rutgers' hybrid dogwood,Stellar series
Cornus ×slavinii Slavin's hybrid dogwood

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