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family: Montiaeae

Montia bostockii Bostock's montia,Bostock's miner's-lettuce
Montia chamissoi Chamisso's montia,Chamisso's miner's-lettuce,water montia,water miner's-lettuce
Montia dichotoma dwarf montia,dwarf miner's-lettuce
Montia diffusa branching montia,diffuse montia,spreading montia,spreading miner's-lettuce,spreading candyflower
Montia fontana water blinks,fountain miner's-lettuce,water chickweed,arctic purslane,annual water miner's-lettuce,fountain candyflower
Montia howellii Howell's montia,Howell's miner's-lettuce
Montia linearis narrowleaf montia,narrowleaf miner's-lettuce,linearleaf candyflower
Montia parvifolia small-leaf montia,small-leaf miner's-lettuce,littleleaf montia,littleleaf miner's-lettuce

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