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family: Poaceae

Puccinellia andersonii Anderson's alkaligrass
Puccinellia angustata narrow alkaligrass,northern alkaligrass,tall alkaligrass
Puccinellia arctica Arctic alkaligrass
Puccinellia bruggemannii Bruggemann's alkaligrass,Prince Patrick alkaligrass
Puccinellia distans relaxed saltmarsh grass,European alkaligrass,spreading meadowgrass,spreading alkaligrass
Puccinellia distans subsp. distans spreading alkaligrass,spreading meadowgrass,weeping alkaligrass,European alkaligrass,reflexed meadowgrass,lax puccinellia,reflexed saltmarsh grass,spreading goosegrass,lax alkaligrass
Puccinellia distans subsp. hauptiana Haupt's alkaligrass
Puccinellia nutkaensis weeping alkali-grass,Nootka alkali-grass,shining alkali-grass,lustrous alkali grass
Puccinellia nuttalliana Nuttall's goose grass,Nuttall's alkali-grass
Puccinellia phryganodes creeping goose grass,creeping saltmarsh grass
Puccinellia pumila smooth alkali grass,small alkali grass
Puccinellia tenella Lange's alkali grass
Puccinellia vaginata tussock alkaligrass,sheated alkaligrass,Arctic tussock alkaligrass
Puccinellia vahliana Vahl's alkaligrass

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